Water Heater

Storage Water Heater

Its large capacity and quick heating make your winter baths warm and luxurious. Lazer Storage Water Heaters are available in a variety of beautiful designs, each of which is fitted with durable water tanks and made with long-lasting metals.

Instant Water Heater

Ultra-fast heating and yet energy efficient, Lazer Instant Water Heaters provide hot water quickly for your daily chores. Equipped with fire-retardant cable, leak-proof and long-lasting tanks they provide instant hot water for your kitchens.

Gas Water Heater

Lazer Gas Heaters make your winter baths warm and relaxing with instantly heating gas cylinders and without any electricity. They come equipped with features like zero pressure start and auto cut off timer.

Immersion Water Heater

Lazer's Immersion Rod range is affordable, and loaded with features like auto temperature control, pure copper, unbreakable enclosure and a shock proof connecter to make it a safe and cost-effective water heating tool.

Buy Water Heaters at the Best Prices in India!

Water heaters are familiar and loved items for those who live in cold climates. Lazer ensures that you can look forward to showers even on the coldest days of the winter with our collection of stylish and budget-friendly water heaters. The instant water heaters specialise in efficiency of both time and energy consumption, and are perfect for kitchen use. The gas heaters run on gas, without electricity and come paired with an auto-cut future so you can always rely on it, and the storage water heater is best suited for bathroom use because of its large capacity paired with quick heating.

All of Lazer India’s water heaters come with special features like fire retardant cables, durable water tanks, shock-proof connectors, and zero pressure starts so that you get great technology blended with stylish design for your home.