Room Heater

Heat Convector

The instant & effective hot air circulation of Lazer's heat convectors keep you warm during the coldest months. They're compact, and easy to use, while also being safe because they're equipped with a safety thermostat cutout.

Oil-Filled Radiator

Our oil-filled radiator has an appealing aesthetic design, easy maneuverability, and is both rust and corrosion resistant. Additionally, it also has safety features like a thermal cutout to protect from overheating, and operating switches with light indications.


With its compact body, cool-touch handles, and its quick heating, Lazer Quartz Heatersare convenient and portable. Carry them around to keep warm in the biting winters or set them down.


Wide-angle oscillation, an aesthetically pleasing design and a compact, cool-touch body make every room warmer and more stylish.

Fan Heater

Lazer Fan Heaters are your private heating companions that you can carry around with you for efficient and fast heating. They're economical, light-weight and ideal for direct personal heating.

Radiant Heater

Lazer India’s Radiant Heaters boast of compact design, a grill, and a ceramic heating element to ensure it brings you warmth with safety. It comes in three colours so you can choose the one that best suits you.

Carbon Heater

This selection of carbon heaters comes with sleek and compact designs, so you don’t have to compromise on looks when you choose them for their safety features- cool touch body, cool touch handle, and front grills and tip-over switches.


Buy Room Heaters at the Best Prices in India!

Room heaters are one of our most popular products that are convenient and provide localised and focused heat to keep you and your loved ones warm in the chilly winters. Under the broad Lazer India selection of room heaters, you are sure to find the one that will keep you cozy and comfortable. Compact heat convectors that are quick and efficient, oil-filled radiators that are aesthetically appealing, easily manoeuvrable and long-lasting, the small quartz room heaters that are handy easy to carry, and the halogen standing heater that oscillates and gives you a warm glow, and fan heaters that you can take with you where you go- we have them all.

There is no luxury like being warm inside your home while the cold Indian winter is locked out. Use Lazer’s room heaters to experience superior comfort and luxury this year!