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Having had decades of experience, looking back at where we began seems like a distant dream. The Vardhman brothers who established the company had one simple goal: to make the lives of Indians easier with quality products at affordable prices. Now, I can say that we have succeeded in making a wide array of products that fit the financial and feature needs of all of India, thanks to our extremely skilled workforce and the venerable board.

Whether it’s our water coolers and room heaters, or our kitchen appliances, or any other product from our range, each is designed and manufactured with precise attention to detail. Any and each of our products has been designed and manufactured indigeneously, not imported or imitated from foreign products. What this means is that these products are going to address the needs of our people, our customers. The kitchen appliances have special features for Indian cooking, the heaters and coolers are built to withstand the Indian climate, and so on. While we do this, we also ensure that the technology and design are at par with global quality standards and the best practices are followed.

Looking forward to the future, Lazer India aims to always incorporate evolving technology into our products, especially with the aim of becoming more energy efficient. We understand that home appliances are here to stay, and will become a mainstay in most Indian homes, and will become major shareholders of energy consumption per capita. We hope that we will continue to make products for all Indians by providing optimum performance, and energy efficiency at prices that make sense for you.