In the working place, it is quite important to provide fresh air circulation as the employees might feel exhausted and tired after working for several hours. It is entirely reasonable that during the summer months, the employees should be given cooling air supply so that they can feel comfortable while at hot weather. If you do not provide the comfort to your staffs, the productivity at the workplace will automatically decrease. So, the best way to deal with the high temperature is to use the air cooler at the workplace

Type of air several types of air coolers available, they are large coolers that are used at the large companies and offices, the home coolers that are used at the residential spaces and the duct coolers are used for the central cooling system. The desert air cooler is also available that is fixed outdoors. This type of cooler is mainly used in desert areas.

If you are thinking to buy air cooler for your workplace, you must check out the best types available. Go through the reviews, the water capacity, and the efficiency before you are putting your order. The coolers are one of the standard appliances that are used in these days at the regions where the temperature is generally hot and dry.

The ICEBERG-100 Lt the best air cooler
In case you are in search of the best air cooler for your commercial space, you can install the ICEBERG from Lazer. The price of this cooler is about 19000. The refrigerator is having a stylish appearance and sleek design. The capacity of this cooler is about 100 liters. It has a power-packed big motor that makes this cooler one of the best. It is having an ice chamber and honeycomb pads that circulate the air throughout the room. This air cooler is inverter compatible too.