Summers are a time when people of all age groups require the most amount of liquids and energy to tackle the relentless heat. There is no better way to recharge one’s self than to have a chilled glass of smoothie. This is one beverage that individuals of all age groups enjoy. Besides being very tasty, these smoothies are also very healthy. Further, it is also a great way to supply the body with water and liquids. Having smoothies avoids the chances of dehydration while packing in great flavour and health benefits because of the fruits that are present in it. It is relatively easy to make a smoothie. People can prepare the smoothie in no time with the help of hand blender. Following is the recipe one can follow to prepare a smoothie.


  • Banana
  • Strawberry
  • Orange
  • Greek yoghurt

Procedure for Preparation:

  • Wash all the fruits thoroughly with water twice to ensure that no impurities or dirt are present
  • Remove the peels of fruits like banana and orange
  • Remove the seeds from fruits too, wherever necessary
  • Add all the fruits in a container
  • Add greek yoghurt
  • Blend the contents with a hand blender
  • Check the consistency of the smoothie and adjust accordingly
  • Serve the smoothie with some ice to provide relief from the heat

Additional Tips:

The entire purpose of preparing a smoothie is to provide a fast source of nutrition and hydration. It is very easy to prepare with the best hand blender. Whenever you decide to buy hand blender choose reliable brands like Aura Hand Blender. Such a hand blender is affordable and has a reputation for having a long service life. Their good quality ensures lower chances of replacement and repair of the equipment.