It’s that time of the year again when there are chill evenings, plunging temperatures, dark skies, thundershowers, spellbinding aromas, and food cravings. But no matter if you love it or not, whether you are stepping out or staying in, you must be prepared for the rains.

Here, we have made a list of Lazer appliances that can simplify your life this monsoon season. 

1. Lose yourself in the rain 
Who doesn't like to play with the rhythmic sound of the raindrops dripping outside? There is a child inside each one of us who urges us to play in the rain and get wet at least a couple of times. But this could affect your health and can invite common flu. But don't worry! Lazer water heaters are here to save you from these harmful infections. Take a warm bath immediately when you come back home after enjoying the rain. This regulates your body temperature and helps to avoid the common flu.

2. Settle your taste buds with crunchiest munchies
Indian taste buds refuse to settle down during the monsoon season without having pakoras or other crunchy munchies. So let your kitchen companion Lazer cooktop help you make all hot and crispy snacks hassle-freely. What’s more! If you love grilled and crispy sandwiches, then get your hands on the Lazer Sandwich Toaster and pamper your taste buds. 

3. Spice up your snacks
No one can imagine having certain cuisines without chutney. These are always being a delightful combination of flavors and textures. Lazer Mixer Grinder plays the perfect role that can make any type of chutney that tingles your mouth and gives an essence of foodgasm.

4. Garma Garam Chai
Pakoras without Chai - This really is a nightmare for all chai lovers out there. Lazer's Electric Kettle will save you precious time and effort by brewing your favorite cup of tea anytime anywhere. This is a multifunctional kettle that can make you fresh tea or coffee and even boil pasta or eggs, make soups and more.