While you are almost always cautious about the dangers lurking in and around your house, and take every possible measure to avert them, there is one thing that you seldom pay attention to. This thing happens to be your bath water temperature.

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Regardless of the fact, whether your loved ones love to take a shower or simply take a bath using the tap water, an ideal temperature is more than important. More often than not, this varies from person to person. While most people like hot and steamy baths, there are some that prefer the water to be lukewarm and then others who are perfectly fine even with a cold shower.

So what is ideal temperature? Well, when it comes to using normal or cold water, any temperature that is easily bearable by the body is considered ideal. That being said, if the water temperature is extremely low, it can lead the peripheral vessels to constrict, thus restricting normal blood flow and put a strain on the heart. Moreover, cold water is also known to result in hypothermia. Hence, it is best if the water temperature is at least 30°C.

When it comes to hot water baths, the temperature should not exceed 39-40 °C that is 2-4 degrees above the room temperature. However, some people are in the habit of using extremely hot water, sometimes even exceeding 50°C, especially in the winters. This may lead to burns and even bacterial infection, more so, when the baths are particularly long.

In order to avoid such health hazards, it is advisable for one and all to use smart water heaters which allow for Variable Temperature Setting. Not only does this make the water heater much safer to use, but also helps in ensuring economical use of energy. Usually, storage water heaters are equipped with this facility. For what they’re worth, these water heaters are ideal for medium to large sized families, and are energy-efficient, in the truest sense of the word.

Now that you’re aware of a simple and effective way of controlling the temperature of your bath water, go ahead and place your order for a storage water heater online.