Air coolers are a must have in every house hold. The staunching summers make it difficult for a person to even survive, and in such a condition all that you need is an air cooler that cools down your room and makes your room temperature bearable. Everyone is in search of an air cooler in summers, and this is the time when the market is full of varieties of air coolers. It becomes quite challenging to find the best air cooler. But before purchasing one, you need to understand how you can increase the efficiency of an air cooler. Following are a few points you should follow to ensure that the cooling efficiency of your air cooler remains maximum:

  • Make sure that the grass used in the air cooler is new and fresh. Old grasses tend to wither down by time and thus prove to be ineffective.
  • Make sure that the motor of your cooler is of good quality. A local quality motor will affect the mechanism and will retire soon.
  • Do make sure that the water level in the tank of an air cooler is sufficiently above the motor failing which the motor will get weakened and at some point, will stop working.
  • Make sure that the cooler is kept outside the room with its vent facing the room. Give attention to proper ventilation in the room as well. This will make the room more relaxed and the air cooler more durable.

One such air cooler is Alpine air cooler. The air cooler price may seem a bit expensive, but it gives value for the money charged. It is priced at approximately at 16000 rupees but it offers a quality product. It is slim, looks fantastic, and garners attention due to its stylish build. The motor is quite fast, and the tank capacity is 85 liters. Also, it comes with three-speed control mechanism, auto refilling mechanism, and many other features. The company also claims to give a warranty of 12 months. In this price range, this is the best air cooler.