Are you stressing over to get the best from your Steam Iron? If yes, then you are surely on the right blog! Here you will get to know about the alternative ways to get the most out of your Steam Iron instead of just ironing your clothes.

1. Wanna Laminate your Documents?
No worries! Here is the perfect solution to quickly do that.
Take your document. Put it in the middle of 2 plastic sheets. Cover it with a towel. Rub your steam iron back and forth with pressure to cover the whole area. And eureka! Your document is laminated at home.

2. Crushed carpet fibers after moving furniture?
This one usually happens with the spring-cleaning time after moving a piece of furniture from the carpet. Use a spoon first to loosen the fibers up, then hold the steam iron over the area and let the steam fluff up the carpeting.

3. Have you ever gotten wax on linens?
When this happens, simply lay a couple of paper towels over the wax and press gently with the steam iron. Wax should get transferred to the towels as it melts. (Be sure to move the towels frequently to prevent the wax from redepositing.)
4. Got a dent in wooden furniture?
Try poking several holes in the wood with a pin and then laying on damp cloth over the area. Hold the steam iron slightly over the area and the moisture will help the wood to swell back to its original size.

5. Want to remove chewing gum from clothes?

Finding chewing gum on your garments is SO ANNOYING. We have a solution for this problem as well. Spot a bit of clean cardboard on a level surface, at that point place the thing of attire gum-side down on top. Set your steam iron to medium and iron the piece of clothing on the back. When the gum becomes softer, it should adhere to the cardboard. Finally, peel your clothing away and the gum should be left behind on the cardboard. Easy peasy!

6. Feeling hungry and have no access to a stove or LPG?
Try your steam iron to satiate the hunger by making a cheese toastie on it. Surprised? Here is the step-wise procedure for you-
- Fill the sandwich with cheese
- Butter both slices of bread outwardly
- Lay the sandwich on a single piece of aluminum foil
- Wrap well so the contents won't leak
- Place the iron over the foil sandwich, leave for 5 minutes
- Turn the sandwich and iron the opposite side for an additional 5 minutes
It's done... Now enjoy your cheese toastie.