Earth is composed of 70% water. However, out of this only around 2% water is potable and can be utilized by humans, flora, and fauna to sustain themselves. In the context of human population, more than drinking, water is utilized for bathing, washing clothes, servicing vehicles, cleaning utensils, etc. Hence, it becomes highly desirable that the water which is to be utilized for household chores has its source near our settlements. The source could be large containers, water tanks, bore wells, ponds, lakes, etc. Since that water is not necessarily going to flow at the right place at the right time, we need to do our bidding using the right piece of hardware and that is where an electric water pump kicks in.

A water pump is nothing but a piece of equipment which converts the electrical input to a mechanical action to move the water from one place to another. In order for you to find the ideal pump for your home, you need to consider the below-mentioned points:

  • The distance from the source: Ideally, 20-25 meters of head pressure is required for the water to move upwards from its source.
  • The requisite pressure: This pressure is measured in litres per minute and the acceptable level is 10-20 LPM for a small cottage, 20-30 LPM for a small house, 30-50 LPM for a medium house & 50-90 LPM for a large house.
  • Noise: More often than not, the pumps are noisy, and may cause inconvenience. Hence, it is advisable that you check the decibel specs for the pump. To reduce noise levels, the pumps can be installed under specially designed covers that prohibit overheating of the pump, while considerably reducing the noise levels.
  • Energy consumption: While selecting a pump it is imperative that you go through its energy ratings in order to ensure efficiency. Going for an oversized pump can cause a deep hole in your pockets.

While you ought to pay heed to the above-mentioned points, you must also evaluate the pumps based on performance reviews, prescribed downtime, durability, and price. For all you know, a well-maintained water pump will provide ideal performance for many years to come.  Hence, procuring the same through a reputable servicing dealer is a big advantage.

Now that you have all the information you need on hand, we’re sure you will be able to make the ideal choice!