Gas stoves are a primary need for every household. We cannot imagine our lives without a gas stove. Back in the time, people used to cook food with the help of fire woods. Certainly, it was a tedious process. But with the invention of gas stoves, things became a lot easier. Now, even the trickiest of recipes can be made very quickly. Gas stoves are currently an integrated part of a person’s life, and as everything gets upgraded, these gas stoves got upgraded too. They underwent many modifications.

Firstly, single burner gas stoves were invented. Then, came the two burners, three burners, and four burner gas stoves respectively at different time intervals. Their shape and size changed; their look and design changed; their mode of operation changed, etc. One such modification was a glass cook top, and this modification became trendy within no time. Everyone loved the glass cook top due to its attractive look. It just looks so stunning and premium. The kitchen starts seeming attractive with stoves having glass cook tops.

But while purchasing a gas stove with a glass cook top, most of us get worried as to which oven has a more durable glass top. You may know the durability and quality of a glass cook top by reading the details of it in the user manual or on the box itself. You should check the material used in building the glass cook top.

There is one gas stove which has a glass cooktop of excellent quality and durability. It is Ruby Cooktop. It comes with two burners and looks fantastic on the kitchen counter. It is designed in a way that it fits in the table efficiently, thus occupying minimal space. It has a toughened glass cooktop and is break and heat resistant. The company offers a certain period of warranty as well, so it adds up to the durability of the glass top. Overall, this glass cooktop gas stove is worth the money, and if you are looking for a two burner gas stove, you should go for this one. It has lots of amazing features such as ergonomically designed knobs, efficient gas consumption technology, brass burners, etc. It is a product which has an excellent value for money characteristic.