There was a time India strived to become a Global Manufacturing Hub. Today, albeit gradually, this aspiration is turning into a delightful reality. Whether it is the generation of employment or enhanced skill development or even acquiring cross-border talents, no aspect remains untouched in the present-day India. Right from facilitation of investment to fostering innovation and the development of an unprecedented manufacturing infrastructure, the country is witnessing it all! You guessed it right. We are speaking of the ambitious Make In India initiative.

At a time, when the nation is undergoing an incredible phase of Renaissance, it is the onus of every business, to contribute towards the resurgence of the corporate world in every way possible. For what it’s worth Vardhman Group’s - ‘Lazer’ was happy to join in. However, it did not require a full-scale transformation like others of its kind. As a matter of fact, the Fast Moving Electronic Goods Company always relied on an aboriginal model of functioning. Thanks to its integrated manufacturing facilities, Lazer creates its entire range of over 200 products from scratch.

Lazer’s 5 modern manufacturing facilities, stand as a testimony to the fact that it believes in the ease of doing business in India. And its payroll comprising of over 2,000 seasoned employees exhibits its grit towards taking the nation to greater heights of success.

Now, this is what speaks volumes about a corporation’s dedication towards indigenous brilliance, which is the essence of the Make in India Campaign!