A mixer grinder, in modern times, is undoubtedly an essential part of a household. Mixer grinder eases various tasks. A juicer mixer grinder has many benefits. Earlier, we had to crush the fruits manually, which used to take a longer time than usual. Also, manual crushing of fruits is not that efficient since parts of the fruit remain uncrushed. Therefore, a juicer mixer grinder is a must for every kitchen. Let’s point out some reasons to purchase a juicer mixer grinder:

  • Time-saving: This appliance saves a lot of time consumed in the kitchen. You can make juice of any fruits in minutes. Unlike the process where you have to chop the nuts with hands and then crush them to take out the juice
  • Efficient: The efficiency of a juicer mixer grinder is at par with excellence. This machine can do what hands can not.
  • Durability: These appliances are not used daily, and so they remain durable for the more significant period.
  • Compact in size: Being compact, this appliance can be kept anywhere in the kitchen and hence do not occupy any extra space.
  • Value for money: These type of devices are a total value for money for the features and the services they give

One such juicer mixer grinder is Sensation Juicer Mixer Grinder. It is truly a value for money. It comes at a price point of ₹3395, but the price point does not matter much as it comes with a lot of features. The motor used is universal turbo motor and the winding used is copper winding. It can be used for grinding, juicing, and even blending purposes. It has an ABS body and overload protector which will trip the machine automatically. It comes in white color and works on 230 Volts, 50Hz. You will get the basic unit and two jars. Also, the product comes with a warranty of 24 months. It is an excellent product for kitchens.