Owing to the increasingly pressing need for the preservation of natural resources, energy efficiency is one aspect that every developed and developing nation is striving for. Following the suit, the National Action Plan on Climate Change has launched the Green India Mission, which aims at the adaptation of new measures towards a cleaner, greener environment while mitigating the damages.

Given that electrical appliances are being used at an expansive scale, right from homes to offices, and from commercial setups to manufacturing facilities, creating energy efficient devices is the need of the hour. Such appliances are known to entail a myriad of benefits, some of which are

  • Utilising minimum possible energy to accomplish the assigned task, thus enhancing energy conservation.
  • Reducing energy bills by almost 30-40%, thereby adding to savings at domestic, commercial and industrial levels.
  • Aiding in preserving resources used to harness energy, thus sustaining the environment for a longer period of time.
  • Giving way to new manufacturing facilities, hence generating new sources of revenues while also creating better employment opportunities.
  • Minimising the exploitation of resources such as coal, natural gas, oil, and water, therefore fostering sustainable development.
  • Reducing pollution levels, otherwise caused due to the generation of energy using coal, natural gas, oil, and water.
  • Saving monetary resources of the nation spent on purchasing energy, thus ensuring independence and national security.

It was in light of these very benefits, that Lazer, India’s leading brand for Fast Moving Electronic Goods incorporated a host of energy efficient appliances to its range. The Customer Voice - Jaago Grahak Jaago Award’, for No.1 Brand for Energy Efficient Ceiling Fans that Lazer was awarded, stands as a testimony to the company’s dedication towards creating and promoting energy adept products!