A ceiling fan is one of the most basic electrical appliances that we see in almost every house or any other place for that matter. It provides comfort and cool air. It is the oldest way to help people get rid of the heat. It is very pocket-friendly and consumes less electricity and comes at a much more affordable price in comparison to other alternatives like air coolers and air conditioners.

However, like all other household items, ceiling fans also require some maintenance and cleaning. This regular cleaning ensures that the fan works to the best of its capability. We often observe that fans that are dirty with clumps on dust cannot provide sufficient cooling. Thus it is essential to clean the fan at regular intervals. Following are some easy steps to clean the fan:

  • You will need some basic cleaning items and some old bed linens and rag cloth
  • Use a dusting spray and spray it inside an old pillowcase
  • Switch off the fan and the connecting electricity main switch to ensure that you are safe while cleaning the fan
  • Do not start work with wet hands
  • Use the old pillowcase with the dusting spray to put in a blade of the fan
  • Make sure that the base of the blade touches the inside of the pillowcase
  • Now gently put pressure to pull the dust on the blade to the edge of the blade