A kitchen is one of the most important places in any house. It serves people with a place to cook food, which goes onto form the basis of our existence. However, as much as people may enjoy cooking, they also create a lot of mess in the process. With this being said, cooktops are the one household appliance that gather the most dirt after cooking. If one does not clean the cooktop correctly, stains and grime may remain and breed bacteria that could be the cause of various diseases.

Here are some of the ways through which you can clean cooktops thoroughly:

  • Place the cooktops in a largezip lock bag with ammonia and let it remain for some time before rinsing them with water.
  • Pouring boiling water and scrubbing the surface also helps to clean dirt from cooktops.
  • Make a mixture of water along with salt and baking soda in equal amounts and use it for cleaning.
  • To clean stains that have dried, sprinkle baking soda and then spray the surface with hydrogen peroxide. Later, use water to rinse the area.
  • Using a razor scraper can be helpful to scrape any residue or debris on the cooktop.
  • Form a mixture with froth like consistency and foamy texture by mixing equal parts of baking soda and dish soap to clean ugly stains.
  • You can remove the grease that builds upon the cooktops by using lemon and baking soda.
  • Commercial oven cleaners can also be used to clean cooktops. It is most effective when individuals spray the cleaners and leave it on for some time, or overnight.
  • To get rid of streaks and stains, clean the cooktop with white vinegar.
  • The most convenient way to clean the dirt on cooktops is by using water and soap.

Potential customers should consider buying Ruby 2 Burner cooktop, which is one of the best options among quality cooktop for kitchens, as it is easy to maintain and clean. A clean kitchen starts with clean cooktops, as they are like a canvas for all your cooking endeavours. Go on and enjoy a spotless cooking environment with these sure shot tips.