By now, everyone is pretty much aware as to what is the importance of a breakfast. Scientific researches have proved that a proper breakfast is a key to healthy and energetic day ahead. Since breakfast is the meal od the day, it should be rich in vitamins, proteins, etc. We all are also aware of the fact that mornings are stressful most of the time. We have lot of chores to do such as morning ablutions, getting ready for school or office, getting the children ready, preparing breakfast for them, etc. Amidst all these activities, we often tend to forget or ignore our breakfast.

The reason for this negligence is time management. Since we have less time, we could not manage our breakfast. So, in modern times where everyone is in a rush, we need to have such appliances that can make our breakfast very quickly. One such appliance is a sandwich maker. We do not have much time in the morning and so a sandwich can be a great food item that will fill our tummy and will also give us the required energy.

Bronzy SM is one such sandwich toaster which will meet our breakfast requirements. It is the perfect companion for those who do not have time to prepare a proper breakfast. This toaster comes with shock resistant body. It has big, deeper plates so that the sandwich is properly placed inside and it gets a proper shape. It has a very attractive and elegant look. It will also indicate when the power will be plugged in and when the sandwich will be ready. It comes in black colour which looks supercool. In addition to this, it works on 230 Volts AC, 50Hz and that’s a great thing. We get the appliance, a user manual and a warranty card out of the box. The warranty claimed by the company 1 year.

And with these specifications, this is the best sandwich maker in its segment!!