Using a fan is the best way to stay cool in during the summer. If you do not clean the fan for a long time, a lot of dirt and dust will gather in the fan. To avoid dirt and dust, you should clean your fan. But for the proper cleaning of your cabin fan, you need some things. If you clean your fan correctly and safely, it will work smoothly, also, it will function properly for a longer period of time. Below is a discussion on some tips to clean cabin fan.

  • Switch Off the Fan
    Firstly, switch off the power of the fan or unplug it. You need to make sure that all the blades of the fan stop completely before you start the cleaning. Initially, the front grill will be removed and then take the blade off and finally, remove the back grill.
  • Clean the Fan
    It’s very necessary to clean your fan. Take a bucket and pour some warm water in it. Mix some dishwasher liquid with the warm water. Clean the blades and grills of the fan. After that, remove any extra liquid with another dry and clean cloth. After cleaning blades and grills, use a toothbrush to clean the motor of the fan.
  • Let the Fan Dry
    Let the blades and the grills of the fan completely dry for 10-15minutes. When all the parts of the fan are completely dry, attach the grills and the blades of the fan. Before you plug the fan in, make sure it works properly. So these are some of the tips and tricks that you may apply to clean your cabin fan and stay relax in summer. Maintain these procedures to clean your fan properly. A right approach to cleaning the fan will make it work properly for a long time.