An air cooler is a device that is used to help improve conditions by providing cooling in warm places. The air cooling system works on a natural principle. Water is needed for using the air cooler. The warm air in the room is passed through a water pad. As a result, what leaves the air cooler is cool air with additional moisture. In recent times air conditioners or ACs have become more popular than air coolers. However, using an air cooler has certain advantages over using an air conditioner, they are as follows:

  • Natural cooling – The air cooler works on the principle of passing hot air through a water pad to cool the air. The air conditioner requires the use of chemicals in the form of coolants to make a place cooler. Therefore, a natural process is much better than using chemicals that are harmful to health and the environment.
  • Price – The air cooler price is much lower than any air conditioner available in the market. Room cooler price is affordable while an air conditioner is rather expensive. Thus, many people can use a cooler but not an air conditioner.
  • Portability – An air cooler is portable, it usually comes with wheels. This means that the user can move the cooler from one room to another as per his/her requirement. This is not possible with air conditioners as they have to be fixed to a spot in a single room.
  • Health – As mentioned above air coolers work on the natural principle of cooling warm air with the help of water while air conditioners provide cooling with the use of chemical coolants. The use of chemicals and breathing in the air can be harmful to health.

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