Induction cooktop, as we all know, is the future of cooking. Nowadays, almost every household has an induction cooktop. It has many benefits. Also, the induction cooktop is a modern version of the gas, and hence, it is more comfortable and contemporary in usage as well. It has a lot of positive points that make it way more superior to the old and traditional gas stoves. Let us point out some reasons as to why we should go for induction cooktop:

  • First of all, it saves gas, and does it reduces air pollution to a great extent. This way, the environment stays safe, and we move towards a more economical way of cooking.
  • Secondly, induction cooktops occupy less space than the old and traditional gas stoves. This way, the area on the kitchen counter is increased, and a lot more modern electronic appliances can be placed on them for better kitchen experience.
  • Also, induction cooktops require less time to cook an item than the old gas stoves. The temperature on an induction cooktop can be increased or decreased to a great extent, which is not at all possible in the gas stoves. This critical fact makes the induction cooktop way more superior to the old gas stoves.
  • If we compare the price of a gas stove that consumes gas and an induction cooktop that consumes electricity, the power consumption, that is, the electricity consumption is less as compared to the gas consumption, and this also decreases the price. Thus, a household can balance its budget in a better manner when it uses an induction cooktop.
  • Last but not least, we are saved from booking cylinders every time and fixing them near the stoves to operate them. Induction cooktop does not need all these set-ups and can be operated with just one switch.

One such induction cooktop is Induction Cooker-LIC B-60. This cooker is very efficient and consumes less power. It has a digital display and has switches for easy accessibility. It also comes with a warranty of 12 months, and that is a great thing. Overall, this product is an excellent value for money.