360° Rotation and a stainless steel body ensure that heat is preserved for a long time. Its compact and handy design makes it ideal for a quick cup of tea, or just warm water.

Mixer Grinders

The Lazer Mixer Grinder, with its futuristic technology, aesthetic design, and high performance, is a crucial companion in your kitchen. The stainless steel jars and overload protection make these a durable choice.

Gas Cooktops

Heat resistant, aesthetically designed, and even flame distribution, Lazer cooktops support quick cooking and balanced heating. These are ideal for modern kitchens- compact and yet have ample space for large utensils.


Elegant, shockproof and elegantly designed; the Lazer toaster is the best aid for your favourite grilled sandwich

Hand Blenders

Ergonomically designed for a perfect grip, the hand blenders are fitted with powerful motors and durable stainless steel blades. Shockproof and convenient- they are the little champions for your kitchen needs.

Induction Cooktops

Choosing an induction cooktop is choosing a happier and easier cooking experience! Whether it’s numerous preset modes for Indian cooking, a more time and space efficient appliance, or sleek and elegant design that you’re looking for, Lazer India has the answer for you.

Rice Cookers

Rice cookers mean perfectly cooked rice, everytime! Lazer India’s elegant rice cookers come with high capacity, temperature control, high heat resistance, as well as measuring cups and spoons and a steaming basket for vegetables. Choose the perfect one for your kitchen today!

Buy High-Tech Appliances at the Best Prices in India!

Lazer India takes charge of all your daily kitchen needs by providing a range of home comfort appliances. Whether they’re kettles, mixers and grinders, induction cookers, hand blenders or toasters, these appliances serve one purpose: to make cooking easier. These appliances expedite the process, and allow you to be more creative while being more productive- it has become difficult to imagine a life before they existed but fortunately for you, you have all of them at your fingertips. Lazer’s range of appliances is designed to be high-quality, visually elegant and long-lasting.

You can do a lot more in the same amount of time when you use our appliances. Reduced time spent on each element of cooking means more time spent doing the things you love.