Air Coolers

Air Coolers

It is a medium to provide fresh and cool air to your surroundings. It is a process where it absorbs heat, evaporates water through its pump and cools down the temperature with a fresh breeze. In the year 1983, Lazer got involved in the journey of the cooler production in India and ever since, Lazer has been innovating on its design and technology, making it more and more efficient with contemporary body designs. The technological advancements today include honeycomb three-way air circulation technology, vertical motorized louvers, 4-way air deflection, aqua valve fir tension-free water fill, and efficient, uninterrupted working on all kinds of inverters. Our coolers take on the warmest day in summers head-on and beat the heat every time. Our coolers perform multi-fold worth of hard-earned money, exceeding the expectations of our customers, switching on happiness for their summers.

Alpine 85 L Desert Air Cooler

Alpine Desert Air Cooler

MRP 13995 (Inclusive of all taxes)

Arctic 22 L Personal Air Cooler

Arctic Personal Air Cooler

MRP 7395 (Inclusive of all taxes)

Aspen 90 L Desert Air Cooler

Aspen Desert Air Cooler

MRP 13995 (Inclusive of all taxes)

Desert Storm 100 L Industrial Air Cooler

Desert Storm Industrial Air Cooler

MRP 21995 (Inclusive of all taxes)

Eiffel 30 L Tower Air Cooler

Eiffel Tower Air Cooler

MRP 10895 (Inclusive of all taxes)

Eskimo 70 L Desert Air Cooler

Eskimo Desert Air Cooler

MRP 12995 (Inclusive of all taxes)

Flurry 75 L Desert Air Cooler

Flurry Desert Air Cooler

MRP 12795 (Inclusive of all taxes)

Frost 52 L Desert Air Cooler

Frost Desert Air Cooler

MRP 11795 (Inclusive of all taxes)

Glacier 55 L Desert Air Cooler

Glacier Desert Air Cooler

MRP 12495 (Inclusive of all taxes)

ICE 50 L Window Air Cooler

ICE Window Air Cooler

MRP 9295 (Inclusive of all taxes)

Ice-Berg 52 L Window Air Cooler

Ice-Berg Window Air Cooler

MRP 9495 (Inclusive of all taxes)

Snappy 36 L Personal Air Cooler

Snappy Personal Air Cooler

MRP 8795 (Inclusive of all taxes)

Swiss 100 L Desert Air Cooler

Swiss Desert Air Cooler

MRP 15495 (Inclusive of all taxes)